SP 503 En Annex A, image always too large


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Moved from another topic:

Anyhow I would also want to add another observation I encounter today, while playing with SP 503. I did run the script which failed to upload image via FTP, but managed to do telnet rebranding, HWR etc.. After this 503 got in position of boot loop restart which I finally managed to recover with SP2F created recovery exe image. Now that I lack of knowledge to make proper size English talking SP2F 503 annex a image, I will try to edit German preconfigurated confing file. After I get this fully working, I will make an detail review in proper 503 topic. I mentioned this here so if you have any clues for me, please do post them

Ok, so I did manage to edit preconfigurated 503 settings with options: DE Annex A, by loading specific preconfigurated file, starting and aborting image creation process and running script again. Now that I got these settings I changed language to EN - which automatically changed 2nd firmware from 7270v1 to 3270v3 96.04.97. As 3270v3 image was not available at avm ftp I just switched it to new version that was releasted in the meanwhile.

Ok, I than tried to do image creation and it returned that image kernel wes too large, so I looked into settings again and noticed that Freetz options warenot saved from preconfigurated settings. I removed some patches like DECT, USB and help but still I lack of space for image creation. I dont know which of these packets would be safe to remove. [[help needed here]]

Observation and speculation:
While I was playing around with this it crossed my mind that DE lang might be stored in some system part of firmware while other languages might be stored separatly [because of multilanguage support of the firmware - only one is true system one | others might be just additional html files]. Anyhow, I might be wrong here but if I am right than I would need compatibile EN only base FB firmware for modification, where EN is the system language. 3270 comes only in DE and 7270 is multilanguage. So, If I am right here, which image of FB should I chose?]


Ok, I figured out to use preconfigurated script DE 503 annex a as a custom image instead of 3270v3, and leave other one as it is. This successfully created an image but refused to flash over web interface. After flashing trought exe recovery, power led on router would flash red constantly without turning on wlan led, meaning something is wrong and box is not booting properly. So I used old script DE recovery image and got it back from the "living dead".

So I tought to do another try, this time I used 7270v2 international image as first one and script made DE annex a as a second, but kernel image was too large.

Seems that not all options are saved from preconfigurated settings - because the first image size obviously inherit the size of new one and if so, than how it is possible that preconfigureted image size would be less than first image used in preconfiguration [[7270v1]] - only explanation is that some additional settings are not saved or [previous speculation is true] that there is a difference between DE and other languages in firmware to be used as DE as a system language and others as optional.

Seems that I am not smart enough to figure this out. Help needed please.
First firmware has to be an original W503V firmware (or a Congstar Komplett Box image - but those don't have any improvements).
Second has to be a 7270v1 image. Those from v2 are too big, and images from other boxes won't work as the hardware is too different. (3270 isn't a fon box at all.)
I don't know if there has ever been an english image for 7270v1.
Ok, thanks for info. I will try to replace 7270v1 8mb image with already modified 7270v1 to an EN image created by Messinge at Fritz Forum Italy.

Will post the results in a hour or so as I am playing with 3170 right now : )

Ok, I have created two EN 503 images with following configurations:

- [1st image [Basic original]] W503 66.04.75
- [2nd [Web interface]] 7270v1 bi-language by Messinge
- [3rd [LED...] 7270v2 54.04.59

- [1st] none
- [2nd] 7270v1 bi-language by Messinge
- [3rd] none

From options ware only selected to remove DE language and leave EN in both configurations.


Both images didnt want to do update via script push to FTP or via web interface, but recovery from WinXP worked like charm. Other than Box language is now EN, both firmwares have same issues:

- entering the web interface via IP gives announcement that page can not be found and redirection to same page - this is not browser 404 page but Fritz page.

- interestingly when you type http://fritz.box/ web interface shows, but there are some bugs in it; missing menus, pages without text, USB devices page [the one that was supposedly removed [indeed it was from main page]]

- does not work at all

Next things to try:

I will try to make bilingual firmware DE/EN as it is at Messinge modded firmware, as it seems that it has some modifications that are not in paths known to script [speculation, but probable explanation of missing or/and empty menus].

Other than that, it crossed my mind that it can be done direct upload of Messinge modded firmware - thus LED diodes would be in mess, but worth a try, I just need to check is HW 100% same as 7270v1.

Any suggestions are more than welcome, thanks.
As 1st and 3rd firmware my advice would be the original 66.04.78. I don't see an advantage in the older 66.04.75.
Which branding is advised for the 7270v1 image which you used?
The menu will have some inconsistent parts. The 7270v1 has USB, DECT and internal ISDN. The menus contain parts of those features in the Speedport2Fritz firmware too.
Branding is avme, but anyways I need to find another source for this.


I made image with following settings:

- [1st] none
- [2nd] 7270v1 bi-language by Messinge
- [3rd] none
Selected both languages DE/EN not to be removed.

Result is very funny lol, http://fritz.box/ is not available, but works - which is more important. The box is bilingual now and it does not mess the menus, but when EN language is selected some menus are still German [WLAN], some have some Italian, but majority is English. [[This explains missing menus in previous attempts.]] I am still smiling about it...

I will try to make 7270v1 EN only image with script and than use it as a AVM custom firmware in 503 mod, or find other one if someone already created English speaking 7270v1.

Can 7170 multi-language firmware be used as an source for the web interface over 7270v1?


I was unable to find 7170v1 EN modification other than mentioned one, so I got into the process of creating it myself. After about two hours messing with Freetz not being able to download some firmwares, I finally created an image that is a little mode bigger than 8MB.

So, I put this image as a 2nd and try to make recovery file with different options. Last one I tried was not to remove anything but DE language files and help files.

The result is missing menus as it can be seen on the picture below. Conclusion is that is something wrong with script separating language files - because bilingual version did not had this issue [Speculation].

I would need a help of an expert for finish this.

Picture http://i dot imgur dot com/GZ0Xc.jpg
Do you able to solve?

can you help me to have a fw ENG or ITA for w503v annex A?

Unfortunately there is nothing wrong with the script.

This behaviour belongs to the fact that the language library are not completely compatible,
if different Firmware versions are mixed.
I don't know of an editor to fix the missing parts within the language lib.
AVM did not answer my Question, is there is a tool to edit language libs?

If the original fall-back language is also present the result is a mix of two languages.
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I might even settle for a FW with a mix of languages​​, I'd have at least one side in English to facilitate understanding.

Can you help me on this?
In this case you just need to select two languages German and English, but this leads to a bigger image because one can't build a single lib with a the missing English parts replaced with the fall-back language.
I did not understand so I have no solution I have to keep everything in German?
You could use a older English version as second firmware.

Witch Firmware version this would be i cant say at the moment.
Now i have. 54.04.80. Annex A 7270 DE
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