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Sunshine history from Denmark - FritzBox Fon Wlan Router

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box Fon: Modifikationen" wurde erstellt von voipmustbe, 22 Aug. 2005.

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    18 Aug. 2005
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    Hello fellows,

    Thanks to all of you, who has been very helpful to make FritzBox Fon Wlan to a wonderful VoIP adapter (especially members: Haveaniceday, dm41, oliestudent, pfeffer, susanne, etc.).
    I bought a Fon Wlan Router from eBay/Germany. To make it work in Denmark I did as followed after searching a lot of articles from AVM forum
    1. Install Telnet
    2. Unbrand the AOL firmware to default AVM
    3. Upgrad firmware from 08.03.65 to 08.03.73 (with WDS)
    4. Convert Annex B to Annex A
    5. Convert Router to ATA adapter (router converted to brigde)
    6. Update Codecs by file from member - Haveaniceday -, now used iLBC as main codec like described at http://www.vocal.com/ilbc.html
    7. Get CLIP to work in both router and handsets (handset Beo2500 with callerID) thanked to the genial member - Haveaniceday -

    German is'nt easy to understand but after a hard try (14 :D hours) to read a lot of posts here from I got the points to modify the router. Very satisfy with the result. Thanks for all your hard works.
    größter Respekt,
    :D :D