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I would like to ask if there is any way that i can transfer files from my computer to the box! I own the German 7050 model and I have modified an English firmware to flash the box with. The problem is that the
/usr/www/avme/en -> html
link is restored after to default after every restart and as a result I do not have access into the web interface. So I have to telnet every time and give a whole set of commands to enable the web interface again. So I have created a script with all these commands witch must be on the box and the I can just give the command to bash to execute it!

Can someone tell me how to upload the script? I have already installed a TFTP server on my computer and I don't know the command to use in the box!

Thank you!
Just another thought:

you should write the "whole bunch of commands" to the File
/var/flash/debug.cfg, this file will survive a restart. You can access and write to the file with the nvi editor, a wrapper of vi.

If you want to change the files permanently, you should use the ds-mod.
So you want to tell me that no file will survive a restart even the one i will upload?! :confused: I didn't knew this...

Writing the command to this file is not a solution I like! What if there is a problem and this file is overwritten? I think I'll use the ds-mod solution...

Thank you! :)

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