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Who can explain this ...

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    [post updated!]
    If my friend calls my home Sipgate phone (on SX541) from his Sipura, then if he chooses my 7-digit Sipgate number the call succeeds, but if he chooses my alternative number with areacode he either hears nothing or he gets a busy signal. If he uses his pstn phone the call succeeds and also if he calls me with X-lite from his pc. I have another SX541 in my company, also with a Sipgate phone# with areacode. My friend can call that number w/o problems. The office SX541 is not behind a firewall.

    My SX541 at home is behind a NAT/firewall and it doesn't make a difference whether I switch my SIP proxy (siproxd) on or off. Either his Sipura or my network configuration causes the problem, but I have no clue as to what causes it.

    Does any of you have an idea?

    Thx, JockyW