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Hi People,
Yesterday I was trying to convert my Fritz!Fon 7150 to Annex A ( http://www.ip-phone-forum.de/showthread.php?p=1110273#post1110273 ). Probably I did mistake on the way. Now I cannot connect to FF. Access is only via ftp.
I was trying to use recovery.exe, but it doesn't work (software is incompatible on the screen)
I don't know what to do now. How can I my FF7150 back to life and switch to Annex A?

Is anyone there who can help me?

What files exactly did you upload (link contains several informations)? I suppose you tried some "avme"?? What other action did you take?
It was exactly this file (avme). Before a while my Fritz back to life thanks adam2 and Ip-Phone forum users of course.
But I have still problem with conversion. What should I do to convert my Fritz to Annex A?

I found a lot of information about this subject, but I still don't know which way is proper to FF7150
Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance.
There is NO English firmware for 7150 - thus NO "avme" possible!! To change modem working mode to Annex A upload ONLY "fritz_as_annex_a_kernel_args_newer.tar". Disregard any avm warning and the final message that SEEMS to inidicate an error "........: kein Fehler" means: o.k.
Alternatively can register in ftp: "quote SETENV kernel_args annex=A".
I did as you wrote, but unfortunately it doesn't work (upload file and second way via ftp). DSL is still without Annex A. What is a reason of it?. A lot of people wrote that is effective way to change Annex. My FF is still Annex B.
Thanks and regards
I myself changed three 7150 (and many other FRITZ models) successfully to A with "fritz_as_annex_a_kernel_args_newer.tar". What happens exactly when you upload this file?
Can you make a support data file (type into your browser: "http://fritz.box/html/support.html"
and post the first part of it (up to where it says: "kernel args annex")?
Hi Imago,
This is the part of support you were asking about (I hope):
Support Data

Sat Jan 1 01:08:45 CET 2000
HWRevision 106
ProductID Fritz_Box_7150
SerialNumber 0000000000000000
annex B
autoload yes
bootloaderVersion 1.174
bootserport tty0
cpufrequency 211968000
firstfreeaddress 0x946AE2C8
firmware_version avm
firmware_info 38.04.56
flashsize 0x00800000
jffs2_size 31
kernel_args annex=A

annex B

kernel_args annex=A

So the change is done: annex B will always remain as it describes the (born) hardware configuration of a box - only "kernel_args annex" describes the working mode of the box's modem.

So if you connect the box correctly to an analog dsl line it should work- to proof this just connect a "normal" telephone cable with small connectors (RJ11) on both sides and the cables connected on the two middle PINs of the connectors and connect the box's DSL/TEL jack with your dsl wall jack. You should have dsl signal - can see that in "dsl information" of the interface.
It seems to be ok. I restarted FF7150 once again and still "kernel args Annex=A". Unfortunetly I can check it at the end of Decmber. FF is going to my brother who has ADSL. I have Cable internet and my FBF7270 is working as a router. I have the last question: I'm trying to convert cables to belgium standards. I need to use rj-11 plug in DSL-Connection instead of rj-45 which are in original german FB. I already know which plugs are responsible for DSL signal, but I still don't know how should I place it in rj-11 plug. In the middle or aside? Fixed-line cable are suppose to be in the middle.

Thanks Imago. Your hints were very helpful, and you are invited for a good belgian beer;-)
Normally both RJ11 -DSL and PSTN- must have their cables on the middle PINs - analog contacts in the 7150 socket are 3 and 6 (the both just neighboured to the middle ones) and these must contact to the analog contacts in the Belgium PSTN socket.

As to DSL/Internet in Belgium: Check the ATM data (VPI/VCI and encapsulation mode) of the provider in Belgium to have them at hand in case you need to configure these manually
OK. I placed DSL and PSTN cables on middle's PINs. Now it suppose to be ok. Thats everythink what I needed.
Your support was great;-)

This data I already have (VPI/VCI and encapsulation mode). As I understood its good to know these values, because FB cannot read it automatically. I found very helpful link for people which are looking for these values:


Regards from Brussels

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