Gigaset GO-Box not shown Caller-ID


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11 Mrz 2017
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Dear members of the forum.
Yesterday I passed my fix number to the cable operator and my Gigaset GO-Box 100 does not show Caller ID, while when I connect the other two cordless phones Panasonic and Motorola, they normally display the Caller ID.
Caller ID is enabled by the operator and as I already mentioned it works on Panasonic and Motorola phones.
When I connect this Gigaset GO-Box 100 to my buddy on the PSTN line, it shows the normal Caller ID!
What could be a problem. I read something about different Caller ID (DTMF or FSK) standards so I'm wondering which standard the GO-Box 100 uses and can it somehow change from FSK to DTM or vice versa?
Is there any help and how can I solve this problem?