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sorry but I don't speak german... <i'm tried to change bootloader on my router sx541 annexa bought in italy ...with firmware 1.29i ...there are a lot of problem in this firmware an siemens don't wont to upgrade...I'm trying to change it with smc but always say me model mismatch!! COULD YOU HELP ME?

I make serial cable ...its ok ! but I don't know now ,what I have to do..

I have a strage bootloader...not 0.67 but 0.69.6 . I think is a boot loader for swiss model... I tried to load by web recovery interface a new bootloader 0.69d.0 but say me mismatch model . I don't understand how to load bootloader by serial interface.. but I don't now if my model of sx541 is similar at the german model . there is anybody that can explain me how to read my bootloader from my router ? I can after send it to this forum , and you can check the difference from 0.67 or 0.69d.0....
thank's to all that help me . and sorry for english language.


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what i know is that we have different hardware in the swiss and german ones.
my 541 has the internal serial connection on the other sise of the wlan card...
for more details, we should take some macro pictures of the pcb. i will upload some pictures in a few hours.
at moment, i'll try to figure out the jtag interface. i've removed cpu cooler, there are some pins that may be the right ones. also i have an adam2 loader for 2mb ar7 pcb's with marvell chip. may it's possible, when i have the right pin's to get linux with an adm2 loader working...
sorry, at this point my knowledge ends... :(
contact jockeyw2001, he has done the read of the bootloader that is here in the download section. i'll send you his email address by pm.

picture of "german" pcb
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I'll try to send an e-mail to this guy....maybe have a lot of experience than me.
Ciao Luccosen!

Have you tried the router without any firmware upgrade?

As far as I known the Swiss model should be an Annex A version already!!!


I have tried this swiss firmware but it have some bug ...on voip account setting and in the printer server ....maybe whit another firmware ....the bug could be resolved...but siemens don't release any new firmware for this model...say me only : " sorry "

ok, sorry for the misunderstanding... I cannot help you...

Hmm, you have to do it in another way by loading a decompressed firmware in ram and then execute it. Then use the web interface to flash a new firmware.

That involves reversing the bootloader, e.g. in IDA Pro and a memory dump from a user.

I'm winded up in other projects so I can't actively help you

Btw: did you try changing the signature at the end of the file you try to flash? These 9 bytes should match with the bootloader currently loaded
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anyway thanks....

thanks for all that you say me...and sorry for my question...but my experience in this argument is not so ok. I think there is no semplificate way to change this firmware then. thank to all people on this forum.
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