Problem with Gigaset N510 IP PRO. Trouble setting up "Number assignment"


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I'm having trouble setting up "Number assignment". When I put "Number assignment" on the desired settings for Handset for some unusual reason they are reset in a few hours and the fields that should be marked become empty.
I am using a Gigaset N510 IP Pro to which two Handset S650H PROs are connected. Our provider is NFON. I will post pictures to make it clearer what i mean.
As you can see in the second picture, for some reason the fields for Handset "FTP Ines L" became unmarked and empty.
The following image outlines what kind of environment I use:

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Is there any solution to solve this problem?

Best Regards
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As already mentioned NFON provisions the N510 base station. Every handset registered to the N510 will get its unique IP account.

I guess you want to let two or more handsets ring at the same time on an incoming call.

Therefor you have to set up a ring group at the NFON portal and put all ip accounts into that ring group that you want to ring at incoming calls. You then need an incoming route at NFON pointing to that ring group.
I want to set the following: All calls come to the phone * 5 FTP Anmeldung, if * 5 FTP Anmeldung is busy I want the call to go to Sammler, an automatic message is triggered and the sammler diverts that second call to another phone * 6 FTP Ines. In other words I want to set these settings which are shown in the picture.
My group on the NFON portal looks like the picture below.

[Edit Novize: Images reduced to preview]

Can you please tell me exactly what I need to change in the settings on the NFON portal?
If you need more information I can set up more SCs from the NFON portal
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@Mfik Please do not use full-size images. For everyone it's better to read when these images are placed in your post as a preview.
I have corrected your contributions several times, please act according to the rules soon
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I solved the problem, the problem was with NFON. They posted the solutions on their page:

" Due to a security incident over the weekend (information will follow at a later time) we decided to exchange SIP credentials on Gigaset N510 devices as a precaution. Unfortunately some Gigaset devices most likely due to a firmware problem were ignoring the necessary 302 redirection command to switch to secure https provisioning. In order to remedy this situation we adjusted the provisioning. Unfortunately this led to an empty provisioning URL on some base stations. If you suffer from non working N510 base stations please perform a factory default reset via the web interface. This will fetch a current and working configuration without loosing the DECT pairings. If this does not work please perform a full FDR on the base station (pull power, keep the small button on the base station pressed, plug in power and wait until the base stations starts to blink (!) blue/appr.15 seconds). However after a full FDR you will have to repeat the DECT pairing. Please contact support if you need assistance."

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