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[Frage] Using ip telefon with siproxd from extern?

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    As you probably know, registration from extern is sometimes reported to work with the config hack... but I never got it really working. I mean I can register, but not hearing anything (even after forwarding the RTP ports).

    I could successfully setup VPN from my Android phone and connect using both fritz app and csipsimple (my preferred app).
    But the VPN is somehow not stable, and I wanted to try another (simpler) way.
    From my understanding, siproxd seems to be a candidate.

    So the question is, can it work to proxy registration from internet (Android) to the AVM sip server?
    1. it listens to port 5065
    2. I set up the firewall to accept the UDP/TCP connections (including RTP) and it works
    3. I set up a sip account using <proxy>:5065 and registrar fritz.box:5060

    Everything seems logical, and it properly works from intern.
    However, from extern (dyndns) it just times-out.

    I enabled the debug and the messages come to siproxd.
    It looks like the avm server does not accept the connection for any reason.
    Even stranger, I used the dyndns name from internal network, which also properly goes to siproxd, and it still doesn't work.
    I hope it is some configuration issue to force rewriting some sip info (target ip/host?), and I tried most parameters but I couldn't find a solution (even after looking at the siproxd source code)...

    Can someone explain / solve it??