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hi. i am facing a problem with the embedded voip server of the fritz 7170.
i am creating new users eg user 620 passwd 123abc, but i cannot register it on a softphone(xlite, zoiper), ip phone (linksys) for the domain or its ip
any ideas what it might be wrong?
hi. thanks a lot for the answer. actually this is what i did and i am facing the problem to communicate correctly the outside lines between the fritzboxes.
in Box A( i do have an ISDN line with 4 extensions.
In box B i( do have a PSTN line with 3 extensions.
Up to now everything is OK. since the two boxes are not connected together and i want to connect them as in the link you send me.

the problem is that i cannot make a call from BOX A through PSTN line, and not being able to make a call from Box B through ISDN.
Basically, it would be nice any extension to dial 9 and call through ISDN and dial 8 to go through PSTN.
any ideas?
To make a call from Box B through ISDN: dial *#*111# and outside number
To make a call from BOX A through PSTN line, it is the same dial string. But you also have to register BOX A in BOX B, in addition to registering BOX B in BOX A.
Box A + B in the same network/per LAN* or per VPN**.
* +
** +

call from b trough ISDN - *#*111#[number]#
*#=send from b to a
*111#=first ISDN
[number]#= telnum.+end
at the moment i have both routers on the same networks.
i do have router A and router B (getting internet from LAN1).
being honest it is not clear how to use the functions you mentioned.
could you be a bit more detailed, please?
I don't know who you meant, but did you understand what I proposed as a solution?
hi. thanks a lotfor the reply.
i am following the link from avm.
i have two routers A and B in the same network.
router A is the voip server and has the isdn line.
router B has the pstn line.
i cannot see how to call from phone 1 of router B to go choose between ISDN and PSTN line. same applies for router A to be able to choose between ISDN and PSTN.
You are repeating yourself, so I have to repeat myself, too.
To use the ISDN line from phone 1 of router B please dial one after the other:
1. *# (to choose Router 1)
2. *111# (to choose fixed ISDN-Network)
3. desired outside number

Please respond when you are successful :)
Hi. i have had a successfull setup. the problem though is that it is difficult for the users to remember all the key sequences for:
-transfer the line to a different extension
-call internally an extension
-choose which line to place a call(ISDN or PSTN).

is there a way to map:
-the sequence of 9 to choose the ISDN line, and 8 to call through PSTN?
-call directly the extensions by its number? eg 620 and call te first voip extension
i do have a success to register an ext of Fritz A to fritz B (620). By that way i can make calls from fritz A and fritz B by making use of the ISDN.
I am facing a problem to register an ext (622) from Fritz B to Fritz A so i could make calls using the PSTN line.

up to now only one registration exists on fritz B for Internet numbers and is the extenion 620 (from Fritz A). The oppossite never registers.
please update signature with the firmware-Version

PSTN works on fritz!box B without problems?
please screenshots of your settings (622)
after a quick check i have seen that you are right.. the fritz B's (PSTN) is not functioning properply. it can only call through the fritz A (ISDN) by making use of the *#*111# and outside number.
Another thing is that the number presentation is not available! strange.622.pnga.pnga_1.pngb.pngb-621.png

fritz A has an extension 620 and it registers OK to fritz B.
the PSTN line is not functioning on Fritz B.
Fritz B has an extension 621 and it does NOT register on FRITZ A.

Tip: if i reset everything and have the default configs each fritz works perfectly with the lines (Pstn, ISDN).
have in mind that i uploaded a wrong screenshot. the correct one is exactly the same with 621.
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