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[Info] FRITZ!Box 7390 Firmware Version 84.05.51 international vom 18.04.2013

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box tot? Recover, Firmware Up-/ Downgrade" wurde erstellt von Wotan-Box, 18 Apr. 2013.

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    #1 Wotan-Box, 18 Apr. 2013
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19 Apr. 2013
    new with version FRITZ!OS 5.51:

    • telephony:
    • NEW: Search and scroll in the phone-book
    • NEW: answering machine now has it's own menu entry
    • NEW: Upload your own welcome message
    • NEW: timer for the answering machine
    • NEW: set the wakeup-message for the alarm
    • NEW: IP-telephones can be used over the internet (connect your smartphone to the FRITZ!Box and use it on the road)

    • NEW: simplified setup of internet account data
    • NEW: Child protection now uses same design as home network
    • NEW: Child protection now disconnects active sessions when the surf time is used up
    • improved presentation of IPv6 functions
    • improved performance with activated child protection
    • prevents broadcasting IPv4 multicast with local scope to the internet
    • fixed problem with dynamic DNS-provider DNS4BIZ

    • NEW: interop improvements
    • NEW: DSL-spectrum graphic now displays max- and min-values
    • NEW: DSL-line test can diagnose the physical DSL-connection

    • NEW: new repeater function to improve the range of a WLAN network
    • Warning: If you were using WDS: with this update WDS is changed. It is
    • not compatible to the older version of the repeater function any longer.
    • NEW: allows automatic transfer of night-settings to your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater

    • NEW: Mediaplayer for FRITZ!Fon and external players (uPNP-AV)
    • NEW: Support for Smart Home (FRITZ!DECT 200)
    • NEW: record personal memos in the answering machine
    • NEW: start-screen of the FRITZ!Fon MT-F can now be navigated *
    • NEW: setup of alarmsignal/Internetradio on the handset*
    • NEW: setup of favorites
    • fixed a problem, where key lock could not be deactivated on incoming call

      Home Network
    • NEW: New Smart Home area in the Home Network menu
    • NEW: control of Smart Home devices via browser
    • NEW: Integration of the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 in FRITZ!OS**
    • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 manual and automatic switching, from the Home Network or over the Internet
    • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 measures the energy consumption of connected devices
    • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 all information and consumption details in a push-mail
    • NEW: display if a network device is connected via Repeater/Powerline
    • NEW: integrated network time server will provide time and date to all network devices
    • improved display of device-details

    • NEW: MyFRITZ!-use can now login with the same account to MyFRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box
    • NEW: Improved MyFRITZ!-Start page for mobile devices, integrated Smart Home support
    • NEW: support for MyFRITZ! App (Android).
    • NEW: MyFRITZ!-access for simple worldwide access to Home Network devices via subdomain-name
    • NEW: When creating a new myfritz.net account from the FRITZ!Box web interface, the name of the FRITZ!Box will automatically be used on MyFRITZ!

      Memory(NAS) and USB
    • NEW: separate shares and read-/write access for every FRITZ!Box user
    • NEW: USB-memory can now be disconnected separately
    • improved USB device handling

      Media server
    • NEW: playback music for the Media server with FRITZ!Fon*
    • NEW: added support for FLAC & M4A

    • NEW: new start page, quicker access to voice messages and comfort functions
    • NEW: FRITZ!Box-user with different access rights for setup, telephone and storage
    • NEW: display new voice-messages on the bottom right of the start page
    • added new mailservers for push service setup
    • start page now also displays status of LAN-guestaccess and Smart Home
    • LAN-settings moved to Home Network

    • NEW: Option to allow use of internet telephony over mobile internet connections
    • NEW: intelligent USB-3G dongle detection

      Important details regarding this update:
      Tip: to use the new functions of the FRITZ!Box web interface, please use a
      Webbrowser with HTML5-support (for example the current versions of Chrome,
      Firefox or Safari)

      * To be able to use all new features of the FRITZ!Fon family, please also
      update the firmware of the FRITZ!Fon.
      **To use this function, the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 is required

    Changelog in Deutscher Sprache!!!

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    Very good, thanks
  3. potsblitz

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    4 Sep. 2011
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    DSL improvement

    Hat sich schon jemand getraut?
    VDSL2 zur Swisscom funktioniert erst mal nicht schlecht.
    Nur wenn man ans speed-limit will ..habe ich den Eindruck, dass die FB
    nicht so richtig gut mit den SW-DSLAMs klar kommt.
    Ich habe reichlich FEC und HEC errors. (~ 200 pro min)
    Bin schon am tunen der Hausverkabelung.
    1.7 km zum DSLAM ..auch nicht ideal
    Aber das piccolo modem berichtet erst mal weniger errors als die FB.
    Auch Leitungsdämpfung und Störabstand sieht da besser aus.
    Schummelt der piccoolo oder ist die FB schlechter?
    Und bringt das firmware update da etwas???
    Bisher hatte ich die deutsche 84.05.50 per rukernel auf Annex A gesetzt.
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    Genau: Mit einem anderen Modem wird die Leitung ja nicht besser, sie sieht nur besser aus. ;)
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