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[Info] FRITZ!Powerline 540E Firmware 129.06.20 international vom 16.12.2014

Dieses Thema im Forum "Fritz!Powerline-Adapter" wurde erstellt von SF1975, 16 Dez. 2014.

  1. SF1975

    SF1975 Guest

    Product:         FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 540E
    Version:             FRITZ!OS 6.20
    Language:              English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish
    Release date:     16.12.2014
    New in FRITZ!OS 6.20
    NEW: Start WPS for wireless LAN guest access/private hotspot in the fritz.powerline user interface
    NEW: Wireless LAN schedule can now be entered conveniently on the tablet or smartphone
    NEW: Wireless auto channel can be updated in the user interface 
    NEW: Detailed information on connected wireless devices (Rx/Tx data rate, RSSI value, wireless standard, etc.)
    Home network:
    NEW - Detailed informationen on FRITZ!Powerline devices in the home network overview (configuration, Update, connection status, MIMO)
    NEW: Option for automatically updating FRITZ!OS*
    NEW: Information about recent user registrations on the FRITZ!Repeater interface
    NEW: Supports HTTPS even when the fritz.powerline user interfaces are accessed locally
    Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.20
    Improved stability and performance
    Improvement: Optimized display of the user interface on Windows phone devices
    Improved display in the Energy Monitor
    Improvement: Display of number of wireless streams corrected
    Improvement: Switch to encrypted mail sending via port 587 with fallback to port 25 if no other port is specified
    Improvement: Revised e-mail configuration for push service 
    Improvement: Saving settings before updating with a FRITZ!OS file now with password
    Improvement: Separate test mail for configuring each push service
    Improved: Wireless LAN stability
    Improvement: Display of wireless LAN registration data as QR code
    Improvement: Printout of wireless LAN registration data separate for network and wireless guest access
    Improvement: List of access points in wireless LAN environment sorted by reception field strength
    Improvement: Stability and latency times improved for Repeater mode
    Improvement: Ready for HotSpot2.0/Passpoint (requires provider service)
    Improvement: More stable and robust
    Change: MAC address filter now under WLAN/Security
    Change: Push service customizes e-mail subject lines
    Home network:
    Improvement: Display of the IPv4 address range assigned to guests
    Improvement: Revised check of host name and FRITZ!Box name
    Improvement: Adopt parental controls from the FRITZ!Box*
    Improvement: Supports new mail systems (STARTTLS) for push mail
    * Automatic update: default configuration is "Notify me about new versions of FRITZ!OS and install necessary updates automatically (recommended)" 
    Download: >>>klick<<<
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    Es gibt eine neue FW: 129.06.30i