[Info] FRITZ!Powerline 546E Firmware 118.06.20 international vom 16.12.2014



Product:         FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 546E   
Version:             FRITZ!OS 6.20  
Language:              English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish  
Release date:     16.12.2014
New in FRITZ!OS 6.20

NEW: Start WPS for wireless LAN guest access/private hotspot in the fritz.powerline user interface
NEW: Wireless LAN schedule can now be entered conveniently on the tablet or smartphone
NEW: Wireless auto channel can be updated in the user interface 
NEW: Detailed information on connected wireless devices (Rx/Tx data rate, RSSI value, wireless standard, etc.)

Home network:
NEW - Detailed informationen on FRITZ!Powerline devices in the home network overview (configuration, Update, connection status, MIMO)

Smart Home:
NEW - Temperature measuring by FRITZ!DECT 100/200 displayed in the user interface of the FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Powerline via MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!Fon
NEW - countdown option for FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E - which turn on/off after a predefined timespan

NEW: the user interface now supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German
NEW: Option for automatically updating FRITZ!OS*

NEW: Information about recent user registrations on the FRITZ!Repeater interface
NEW: Supports HTTPS even when the fritz.powerline user interfaces are accessed locally
Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.20

Improved stability and performance
Improvement: Optimized display of the user interface on Windows phone devices
Improved display in the Energy Monitor
Improvement: Display of number of wireless streams corrected
Improvement: Switch to encrypted mail sending via port 587 with fallback to port 25 if no other port is specified
Improvement: Revised e-mail configuration for push service 
Improvement: Saving settings before updating with a FRITZ!OS file now with password
Improvement: Separate test mail for configuring each push service

Improved: Wireless LAN stability
Improvement: Display of wireless LAN registration data as QR code
Improvement: Printout of wireless LAN registration data separate for network and wireless guest access
Improvement: List of access points in wireless LAN environment sorted by reception field strength
Improvement: Stability and latency times improved for Repeater mode
Improvement: Ready for HotSpot2.0/Passpoint (requires provider service)
Improvement: More stable and robust
Change: MAC address filter now under WLAN/Security
Change: Push service customizes e-mail subject lines

Home network:
Improvement: Display of the IPv4 address range assigned to guests
Improvement: Revised check of host name and FRITZ!Box name

Improvement: Supports new mail systems (STARTTLS) for push mail

* Automatic update: default configuration is "Notify me about new versions of FRITZ!OS and install necessary updates automatically (recommended)" 

** Using a mac-filter in the WLAN base station: 
After updating the new FRITZ!OS some issues concerning the reconnect to the WLAN base station can exist caused by changed mac address. Please deactivate the mac filter in the WLAN base station temporarily and reactivate it after succesfully reconnected.
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