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I. have a N300IP and I have register an SL450 handset and it is working fine. I used to have the same setup to my moms house but recently I got her a Fritz 7530 router
and I register her SL450 in the fritz.
I used to be calling her using the internal voip account where the voice quality was a bit better. Now that she is using the fritz she does not have this account.
Do you know the details of this account so I can add it to fritz so we can still have access using the I can use the username / pass which I can find from her N300 but
I don't know the sip registar, proxy and all other details.

(Sorry for the english)
You cannot register a Fritzbox at Only Gigaset devices can be registered there.
How does gigaset know that the device is not a gigaset base station?
Does it check the SIP header and rejects the headers that do not have Gigaset string in the SIP header?
If someone knows the details I would like to test this theory
It's quite obvious. Even without knowing any details, you can feel free to test this theory.
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KunterBunter, how can one test your statement without providing at least the registrar?
By the way, the MAC address of the box is not seen or transmitted to/by
I can use the username / pass which I can find from her [Gigaset] N300 [IP]
To answer your question literally, the Registrar is However, I doubt that Gigaset (GO-Box 100) → Web interface → Settings → Info Services → Password is valid for their SIP service as well. Is that just for the info services? I replicated the REGISTER message byte-by-byte with SIPp (except for the front-part of the Call-ID and the authorization) and still get 401 Unauthorized. Of course, I could be wrong with my branch, tag, or Call-ID generation. Anyone who is interested can get my SIPp XML scenario file to double-check.

Anyway, to answer your question indirectly, there are two alternatives: Your mom could …
a) … continue to use the Gigaset N300 IP by adding it as IP phone to the FRITZ!Box. Then, you disable DECT in that FRITZ!Box. Or​
b) … instead of use a SIP service which allows direct SIP-URI access, too, for example …
Thanks for this effort.
Of course my mom still has the N300 but I was thinking to remove one box from her setup.
Since the mac address is not transmitted or the pass for the online services is not the password for the sip I am wondering
what else can it be
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